DOE Professional Training

At PARENTS, Inc. we are committed to providing education to both parents and service providers! We realize that teachers, principals and many Department of Education personnel are one of the first lines of defense in preventing and reporting child abuse and/or neglect. We want to help arm you with the tools you need to help protect our precious keiki!

We are offering a one-day professional workshop to DOE personnel this summer! (Date TBD, Pending Administrative Approval). Download the flyer here.

Morning: 9:00am-12:00pmStop Child Abuse Hand

Recognizing Signs of Abuse & Mandated Reporting Laws

  • Warning signs of child abuse and neglect, including physical and behavioral signs
  • Who is a mandated reporter?
  • How to report suspicions of child abuse and neglect
    • What kind of information is needed?
    • Do you have to have proof of abuse?
    • What if you just have a question about a situation or a suspicion?
    • What will happen if you make a report? What is the process once you make a report?

Afternoon: 1:00pm-4:00pm

Classroom Management Techniques: Calm Your Classroom, One Relationship at a Time! 

Revolutionary Behavioral Techniques from the Concept of Scream Free Parenting!

  • Managing behavior isn’t about kids, it’s about adults
    • If adults aren’t in control, then they cannot be in charge
    • Growing up is hard to do, especially for grown-ups
  • Let the consequences do the screaming
    • Empty threats are really broken promises
  • Taking care of yourself is the first step to taking care of your class
    • Your kids deserve you at your best!
  • Help shape kids into caring, responsible & self-directed adults!

Play Learn and Grow Together

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